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Senshi Card

An image of the real Denno Senshi along with his Player Card

Denno Senshi is the main member of the Denno Family. He was a widely successful prank pulled off by Pingu Penguin from the Club Penguin Wiki.


Pingu stated that Denno Senshi could ban anyone that talked to him, or anyone who talked in the same room as him. He also said that Denno Senshi had the power to turn invisible, by showing a photo of Denno Senshi where his nametag was showing, however his penguin was not there. It was later discovered that he actually made the image on Paint by colouring the penguin the same colour as the background.


Pingu said that other users from the Club Penguin Wiki could meet Denno Senshi at 8.00AM PST, on Saturdays, on 'Sherbet', in the mine. Denno Senshi only appeared on the first week of the information being released, which led to only a handful of pictures being captured. As far as we know, there are no videos of the real Denno Senshi.


Senshi Banning

The original banning sign, with words added using Paint

The only power the original Denno Senshi was believed to possess was banning, known as The Senshiban. When a penguin was "banned", a sign was said to appear saying:

"Banned: The Senshi Has Banned Your Account. Signed Denno Senshi... The Mystery Penguin"

Banning The Banner

About a month after Denno Senshi was revealed, he was subsequently banned. However it has remained a mystery who banned him. Pingu says it could have been anyone, as he made Denno Senshi's password: dennosenshi - Making it easy for anyone to guess this and log in with his account. It was believed that it was CatZip888 from the Club Penguin Wiki who shouted out Denno Senshi's password (possibly in the ShoutBox, or on the announcements section of the Main Page). To this day, Denno Senshi is Banned Forever, however people are still talking about him today!


The new Denno Senshi has starred in 2 movies, Denno Senshi Versus The Moderators, and Denno Senshi Strikes Again, and is currently filming for the 3rd movie in the series, Senshism and Silhouettes.