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Senshism (pronounced Sen-shiz-im) is the disease caused by the compound Dennotroennisenshism (pronounced Den-noa-troan-ee-sen-shiz-im). It is given by Denno Senshi in the second Denno Senshi movie and the third Denno Senshi movie. The disease is spread when Denno Senshi turns black (a rare occurence for members of the Senshi family, as Denno family members only turn black at a young age, and then as they grow older, turn into a random selection of different colours). As the Senshi turns black, Senshism Gasses are leaked into the surrounding atmosphere. Every penguin in the room suffers from it.

The chemical formula for Dennotroennisenshism is: FrO2

This means that if a tiny bit of water leaked into the Dennotroennisenshism gasses, there would be an almighty explosion!

Symptoms Edit

Three symptoms are most commonly associated with Dennotroennisenshism. These are:

  • Dizziness and loss of vison
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Explosions of the stomach

Infection Pathway Edit

The infection starts when francium in the air is inhaled by a victim. In the warm temperatures of the penguin body, the francium covalently binds to a molecule of oxygen gas and rides it into the circulatory system. There it is carried into cells along with the rest of the oxygen, when it releases dangerous radiation. This radiation causes the symptoms of Senshism. The francium dioxide then rides back out of the circulatory system and is exhaled into the air, where it unbinds from the oxygen gas. In this state, it can either infect another penguin or react with water vapor, causing a large explosion, which produces hydrogen gas and francium hydroxide. This renders the francium useless, and it cannot infect another penguin unless it frees itself from the hydroxide.

Chemical Formula Explained In More DetailEdit

Fr = Francium. Francium reacts so vigorously when it touches water, it is very hard to get a hold of on Earth.

O2 = O is oxygen gas (comprised of two oxygen atoms, hence the two). When the compound is released into the air, the francium separates from the oxygen, releasing oxygen gas. This gas has no further part in the following explosion. However, the francium henceforth reacts with the water vapor in the air, thus causing a large explosion.

In The MovieEdit

Senshism made an appearence in the second Denno Senshi movie, when Denno Senshi turned black in Scene 6 and gave off a large amount of francium in doing so. Denno Rogue must have been into contact with Denno Senshi, and inhabited Senshism. Denno Rogue later died in the movie, partly because of the disease. He wanted shade to rest, so he went to the cove and found the beach umbrella. As he was walking towards the umbrella, the Senshism caused him to become dizzy and light-headed, thus not noticing the campfire in front of him, and burning to his death.